After the success of our Let’s Get Shreddy challenge, seeing all of your transformations, positive feedback & amazing new friendships formed within our community, we just had to give you, READY, SHREDDY, GO! Our new challenge that will kick off in January 2020.

Challenge sign up is now closed!

Over 100,000 workouts completed by women from across the globe. Start achieving your fitness goals today with SHREDDY.

SHREDDY is your one stop solution for reaching your fitness goals. Hundreds of workouts, recipes, meal plans, real-time classes and a motivated community all programmed in one place for you to reach your goals.


I would 100% recommend Shreddy whether you are completely new to the gym, wanting a challenge or to be honest wanting a to gain a group of amazing supportive young girls ♥️


Wo­wo­wow. There are so many things I love about Shreddy! If I had to pick an ab­so­lute fa­vor­ite, it would be the vari­ety of ex­er­cises and workouts! Ob­vi­ously, the part every­one is most in­ter­ested in is the workouts, and they did not dis­ap­point!...

Workout Programs

Gym Workouts:

SHREDDY is aimed at fitness people of all levels, with workout programmes tailored to your preferences and goals. The 3 gym guides cover goals of losing fat, toning up and gaining lean muscle through providing comprehensive gym workouts optimised for progress.

Home Workouts:

Our home workouts are perfect for those who can’t get to the gym, or prefer to stick to the mat area! We have formulated two home guides - fat loss and tone up - ensuring that you’ll get maximum progress no matter where you are.

If you’re looking to switch between home and gym workouts you’re in luck! Choose a gym guide for regular use, then switch on any of our real-time classes for a killer workout from home when needed.

Weight Tracking

Track every set, rep and weight used with our weight tracking and performance log. Pushing yourself is where the progress really happens.

Real-Time Workouts

Hit play on one of our real-time workouts for an intense workout class you can follow along from home. Oh and don’t forget you can cast it to your TV (via Airplay on compatible devices).


We know getting fit can be a challenge - but you’re not alone. Our community features real-time chat across a range of fitness related topics and the ability to get and offer real support to other users.

Meal Plans

SHREDDY will automatically generate you a meal plan tailored to your goals and approved by a top nutritionist. Whether you intend on following the plan exactly or just getting some healthy, delicious recipe inspo, we’ve got you covered. SHREDDY will even provide you with your shopping list based on your meals for the week. Not a fan of a meal? Not to worry, we have a ‘change meal’ option, with loads of meals you can substitute that are still in line with that goal. From burrito bowls to ice cream, progress has never been so delicious.