Shreddy App Updates

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We love your feedback and are completely transparent about each feature and what we are building at Shreddy. See a history of all our updates below:

It’s time for SHREDDY 2.0! And it's BIG!

Packed with lots of new features and improvements


This feature is BIG and has never been done before - say hello to your new customisable calendar feature! You can now add anything into your calendar, from home guides, gym guides, to real-time classes, plus anything new we’ve got coming 👀

When planning out your week you can look ahead and switch in or out any workouts you do/don’t wanna do. This means you can plan out how many workouts you want to do of each workout style every week if you’re not feeling the full guide you’ve picked.

2 - Add your own meals in the app with all calorie info etc

Customise your meal plans by making it more flexible

3 - New overhauled workouts page in the app

Shows all challenges, guides, workouts and exercises - can filter by home/gym etc and then by type.

4 - New profile with Apple Health and Google Fit integration

Check how many calories you burn per session and your overall health stats all in once place

5 - Small improvements to workouts

Fixed left and right side exercise times, updated rest times and resolved a bug which made the app close

6 - New workout preview screen

See exactly the workout you are about to do including video and workout previews

7 - Improved messaging

Now you can have all of your group chats and DMs in one place, just like your IG chats.

January 2021
  • All new guides for you to kickstart your new year fitness journey
  • Introducing the in-app experience for the SHREDDY Challenge
  • Introducing our brand new onboarding flow
  • Adjust SDK Integration
  • Performance updates
  • Bug fixing and improvements
December 2020
  • Introducing Group Chats - you can now keep all your conversations in-app!
  • Updated profile page with account metrics
  • Profile page refresh
  • Nutrition Range added to SHREDDY Store, go take a look!
  • Bug fixes and improvements
  • Update performance
November 2020
  • Introducing a new UI to the SHREDDY Club
  • Introducing a new UI to Profile Page
  • Workouts & Meal Stats added to your profile
  • Ability to make information public/private to other members in SHREDDY Club
  • Ability to create Group Chats (add/remove/name/picture)
  • Foundation laid for Activity feed
  • Split UI for Club and DM’s/Group Chats
  • Introducing the new SHREDDY Nutrition Range
  • Introducing new Christmas Bundles
  • Minor bug fixes and improvements
October 2020
  • Added in new analytics tracking to improve user behaviour
  • UI Changes throughout ahead of the SHREDDY rebrand
  • ‘Kit’ page added
  • ‘Community’ renamed to ‘Club’
  • In-app Store released. SHREDDY users can now purchase SHREDDY product straight from the app
  • Further enhancements to support in-app store and smoother transaction process for customers
September 2020
  • Non-vegan meal alternatives are now available in the SHREDDY app
  • App analytics integrated to help understand user behaviour and enhance the app
  • Work towards building out future SHREDDY feature begins
6 Aug 2020
  • New profile page: Store all your profile data in one place. You can also add in a profile pic so you can all see each other's faces! ⁠
  • Track your progress: You guys can now take & store progress pictures and progress reports
  • Progress Summary: If you wanna take a look back at how far you've come in your SHREDDY journey you can view your progress summary
  • Collage Feature: You can now create a collage of your existing photos to share via social media
  • Journal: Our in-app journal is the perfect place to jot down all your thoughts and feelings
  • New UI: You'll see a lil bit of a change in your workout complete screen
4 July 2020
  • All new 10 and 20 minute workout guides
  • New circuit types with optimised exercises and rest times for shorter, more intense workouts
  • Option to mute exercise timer
  • Shreddy now saves your position in a home circuit if closed mid-workout
5 May 2020
  • Added the ability to change chat username
  • Hide navbar while in workout mode
  • Overriding the mute functionality on real time classes so they always play audio
  • Adding the beeper to home workouts
  • Splitting required and recommended equipment on real-time classes
  • New UI for workout summary page for home workouts
  • Adding the ability for users to mark rest days as complete
1 May 2020
  • Stability improvements within community chat
23 Apr 2020
Launch all-new chat features including:
  • Push notifications
  • You can now @ other users in the channel
  • Added functionality to reply to messages
  • Added message reactions
  • You can now include GIFs in chat
15 Apr 2020
  • Updated UI for the home screen with separated tabs for meals and workouts
  • Added ability to view all meals for a week in a single view
  • Individual meals can now be marked as complete for better tracking
  • Added a new content tab to access the workout library, real-time classes, and exercise library
  • Added workout library to make it easy to access any workout in the app at any time
  • New workout completion screen with share functionality to social media
13 Feb 2020
  • New Feature - you can now switch your gym workouts with a relevant home workout and vice versa
24 Jan 2020
  • Added cook and prep time to the app
  • Fixed a bug preventing users from being able to see their exercise history
17 Jan 2020
  • Added metric units to the profile page
  • Improved the weight tracking by storing the users preference of kg/lb so it does not need to be set for each exercise
06 Jan 2020

App Version - V124/1.99

We’ve been working night and day this festive season to get you the biggest and best update to date. We know you have 2020 goals to crush and we’re here to make that easier!
1 - A total of 7 new guides:
  • Gym - Fat Loss 3x week
  • Gym - Tone Up 3x week
  • Gym - Lean Muscle 3x week
  • Home - Fat Loss 5x week
  • Home - Tone Up 5x week
  • Home - Fat Loss 3x week
  • Home - Tone Up 3x week
2 - A new interface for home guide workouts where all exercises are time based and where each workout is comprised of circuits and rounds with built in rest times.
3 - Display of the equipment needed before a user enters a workout in the home guide
4 - An exercise library - with two tabs
  • Home exercises - categorised by Beginner, Intermediate and Advanced Exercises
  • Gym exercises - categorised by Upper Body, Lower Body, Push, Pull, Booty, Full Body
5 - A new guide selection screen with more insight into each guide
6 - The ability for users to customise their workouts:
  • Add an exercises to a session
  • Remove an exercise from a session
  • Switch any exercise in a session to another (picking from the exercise library)
Who’s ready to get @shreddy?
15 Dec 2019
  • Minor bug fixes, guide improvements and UI improvements
06 Dec 2019
  • Displaying the next exercise in a workout while the rest timer is displayed
  • Improving the home screen view so it automatically takes the user to their current week in the app
  • Preventing the rest timer from displaying after the user completes the final exercise in a set
29 Nov 2019
  • Added image uploads to the community pages
  • Fixed a bug which caused some user to always see the same "Warm Ups" and "Finishers"
  • Updated the app to not automatically log users out after a period of time
  • Updated subscription prices on web for Black Friday and Cyber Monday sale!
22 Nov 2019
  • Adjusted the name and description of several exercises for consistency through the app
  • Added additional exercises to some of the workouts to make them more challenging and varied!
14 Nov 2019
  • Improvement to weight tracking for exercises. Reps and weights stored for an exercise now carry over to future weeks' workouts improving the usability of the exercise history.
12 Nov 2019
  • Added a full offline mode to the app allowing users to save their workouts to complete them when they have no connection
  • Bug fixes and UI improvements
  • Identified and resolved a potential issue within the Community which could result in some users seeing a “spinning wheel” instead of the community page loading
  • Improved how tracking is displayed for time based exercises such as Planks
02 Nov 2019
  • Updated some of the exercises in workouts in the latter weeks to create a more varied workouts
  • Performance improvements on Android to speed up loading in Community
24 Oct 2019
  • UI improvement on Real TIme Workouts - changing the displayed icon for different exercise types
  • Added a page to the app explaining how to use direct messages
  • Added a timer to warm up and finishers
21 Oct 2019
  • Improved the UI of the workout complete screen so it displayed better on smaller screens
  • Updated the profile section of the app allowing users to change their instagram handle
19 Oct 2019
  • Updated the workout timer so that it scrolls down with the user improving the UI on smaller devices
  • Added helper pop ups to the app:
    • informing users that their progress will be lost if they leave a workout part way through
    • Informing users that manually completing a set will mean data is not tracked for that set
    • Requesting the total time of the workout if the user completes it without using the timer
  • Improvements to the workouts allowing users to complete an exercise without adding tracking for each set
18 Oct 2019
  • Fixed an issue preventing specific users from being able to unsubscribe from the web
  • Improved the performance of the Community section to significantly reduce the loading time of channels
  • Enabled audio on Real Time Workouts
  • Add the ability for users to listen to their own music while completing a workout - prevented exercise videos from causing music to pause
  • Further improvements to Community section to prevent channels from filling up too quickly
17 Oct 2019
  • Added password validation to sign to ensure user passwords had a minimum number of characters
  • Improved the app compatibility with iOS to prevent the app from automatically closing while in the background resulting in users losing progress in a workout
  • Enable users to remove tracking for an exercise by unchecking the exercise in the workout
16 Oct 2019
  • Enabled users to be able to change their date of birth and gender in the profile section
  • Added tracking for time based exercises
  • Improvements made to supersets - allowing users to remove and update tracking for a specific set within a superset
16 Oct 2019
  • Enabled users to be able to change their date of birth and gender in the profile section
  • Added tracking for time based exercises
  • Improvements made to supersets - allowing users to remove and update tracking for a specific set within a superset
15 Oct 2019
  • Resolve an issue which caused specific devices to crash when the last exercise was completed on a cardio workout
  • Added cast to Apple TV via Airplay for Real Time Workouts
  • Improvements made to the Rest timer which was showing incorrect rest time for some exercises
  • Updated “Plank” exercises to show how long to perform each set for, instead of performing a number of reps
14 Oct 2019
  • Improvement to the Real Time Workouts allowing users to play and pause videos
  • Improvements to the profile creation process which previously did not correctly calculate target calorie ranges if the user entered their height and weight using commas instead of decimals
  • Improved the display of “time based” exercises in the app, showing how long to perform each exercise for within each set
  • Launched community features within the app
13 Oct 2019
  • Improved the shopping list so that it accurately showed the total ingredients required for each week based on the users selected meals
  • Added error messages to help the user identify if they tried to log in with incorrect details
  • Fixed an issue with weight tracking which was causing the wrong set to be marked as complete
  • Added rep tracking to the app as part of the weight tracking feature
  • Resolved an issue which prevented some users who subscribed via Google Play from being able to access the app
12 Oct 2019
  • Android app went live
  • Resolved an issue which caused the “Join” button to disappear on specific devices
  • Added reset password feature
  • Resolved an issue which prevented some users from being able to mark a workout as complete if they had been moved to a different day
  • Improvements to the meals and shopping list which was causing issues on specific devices
11 Oct 2019
  • Added the ability for users to change which day their workouts were on by selecting a day to move to.
08 Oct 2019
  • Shreddy App Launch 🎉