Get SHREDDY With It!

We’re back and better than ever!

With a community of over 100k+ women from all over the world, you’re not gonna want to miss this one! There’s strength in numbers, so we want as many of you as possible to take part and sign up today. Join our amazing community and take part in something you’ll never forget!

For 12 weeks, set your goals and follow any guide on the SHREDDY app, then share your progress with our lovely community.

Whether you wanna show off a yummy meal you’ve cooked up from our new meal plans, or an exercise you’ve finally perfected, we wanna see and hear from you all on social media or in the in-app community.

We love seeing you guys support each other, so that’s what this challenge is all about. This time around there are no ‘main prizes’ - we want to shift the focus towards the process - we’ll be sending lucky goodie bags, holding giveaways and sharing prizes throughout to keep you motivated.

Our next big challenge kicks off on the 28th September! We’ll see you there.


Key Dates:

  • Enrolment opens: September 21st 2020
  • Challenge begins: September 28th 2020
  • Enrolment closes: October 5th 2020
  • Challenge ends: December 20th 2020

Enrollment Closed

Here are a few things you can do to boost your chance of winning!

Be active in the community and on Instagram

Tag @shreddy in your progress pics

Share your workouts with us

Share your cooking recipes and masterpieces with us

Be confident, be positive, and have fun!